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Leaders are {READERS}!  If we are to grow, we {MUST} continue to broaden our minds and perfect our skills.  Here are a few of my favorites for direct sellers.   Make a comitment to yourself to read a new book each month!  If you are not a reader, turn your car into a rolling university!  Most of these are available on CD as well!

Anything By Jim Rohn
By far the most brilliant success materials ever!  Click the banner below to visit his Success store with his personal collection of works.  

Jim Rohn The Art of Exceptional Living

This series was life changing for me!  I made my husband listen to it, I gave a copy to my Mom and I suggest it to all of my coaching clients.  This series goes far beyond building a successful business to living a {LIFE} worth living.  This is probably the best series I have ever read [even though I actually did the CD series}

Jim Rohn & Chris Widner  "The 12 Pillars"
This book is a quick read and is [PACKED} with life and business changing principles.  If there was one book I could get everyone that I love to read, this would be it.  Don't miss this {GEM}



Stephen Covey's "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People"
This book goes far beyond simple "time management" to explore the universal principles of how we INVEST time and spend our lives! Learn how to become more effective while building healthy relationships in business AND in our personal lives. It is a MUST for entrepreneurs!  A great follow-up for Direct Sellers is "The 7 Habits for Networkers"




Time Traps by Todd Duncan

Rework by Jason Fried

A quick read with some poignant life lessons.  Each chapter features concepts that can be easily incorporated into your day for maximum results.  

Spencer Johnson "Who Moved My Cheese"
Most often this book is described as one about dealing with change.  I would say it is about knowing {WHEN} to change your efforts, expectations and direction.  Life is imperfect, situations change and we must master the ability to respond.  It can be so easy to "dig in" and focus on what we do not have.  The key lies in going and finding that which we need and being willing to try something different when confronted with obstacles.  



John Maxwell
I have so many favorite Maxwell Books.  He is nothing short of brilliant.  Nothing will grow your leadership quotient more than Maxwell.  Here are a few of my fav's.  Any one will bless you in your business. I have listed them in order of novice to advanced!

Leadership Series: Relationships Equipping Attitude and Leadership




21 Laws of Leadership 
More advanced Leadership concepts for the seasoned leader.  Tip: Begin with the Leadership Series above!       




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