Are your FB Parties dead ? Are you frustrated with social media? Are your sales and recruiting plummeting? Then the 6 week Social Media Makeover is just what you need!  This program takes place in our exclusive Facebook group and includes: live video modules, playbacks, one-on-one help via chat and print pieces. 

Here are the topics that we will cover over the 6 weeks: 
1️⃣ Groups versus events 
2️⃣ Fool-proof FB Party Formats
3️⃣ Host Partnership
4️⃣ Apps that can help
5️⃣ FB Alternatives
6️⃣ Winning with the algorithms

Here is what you get:
1️⃣ Exclusive Access to our Private Facebook Community
2️⃣ Participation in Live Video Workshops
3️⃣ Unlimited recording Playbacks
4️⃣ Interactive Guidance
5️⃣ Print Tools and Strategic Plans
6️⃣ Personal Guidance via the Group and Chat

When Does It Start?
This course is self paced and waiting for you now!  Get started today!



Did we mention that this program is FREE for DSI Success Society Members?  Not only will you receive this program but you will have unlimited access to our Member Resources.  Look at everything that is included in your Membership {depending on the level you choose}.  Memberships start as low as $49 for three full months of access!  

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